Appetizing April? Tanner Lyons Is Taking Over Anyway

Here’s the deal: My name is Tanner Lyons, and I’m the hero (which feels awkward to say, by the way) of the first Lightbearer book, Into the Light. The reason I’m taking over my author’s blog is because my book is featured on this thing called Book Bub today, and is crazy-ass discounted at 99 cents for the next few days. Tami made it clear that I’m supposed to talk about food, because apparently her blog is sub-titled Appetizing April this month, and every post is supposed to tie into food or eating.

Okay, so here’s my talk about food: I like to eat it. Preferably meat, although I’ll be honest and tell you that the head chef in the Lightbearer’ s coterie does make some pretty mean vegetable dishes. Still, I’d choose a hefty rare steak over pretty much anything else in the world.

Into the LightGot it? Good. Now that we’ve appeased my author, let’s get something straight: She is not practically giving my book away because she thinks I am worth less than Finn Hennigan, who is featured in the second book, Dawning of Light, or his brother Reid, who is featured in the third book, Light Beyond the Darkness, which is coming out on April 27. The truth is, you’re gonna love my story so much that you’re gonna feel the need to read their stories too. That’s why mine is discounted. Because I’m the pack master, after all.

Shit, I really am a pack master now, aren’t I? I’ve been avoiding this trap for ten years. dawningoflight_CoverThen some hot little Lightbearer who looks like she could never hold her own, yet is stronger than you and me and your entire family put together, comes along and flings my freaking plans over the nearest cliff. (And yes, that was a reference to the cliff in the Lightbearers’ coterie – and there is a point in the story when I want to throw myself over that damn cliff. Except I’m a shifter, so I would just instinctively shift into the shape of a bird and fly instead of crash into the beach at the bottom.)

Olivia Bennett. She’s the princess of the Lightbearers, the only offspring of the king and queen. Oh, did I forget to mention that I didn’t even believe these magical beings existed, until I saw Olivia curled up in the far corner of a prison cell in the basement of my asshole father’s mansion? Yeah, you read that right. My father, the pack master of the largest pack of shifters on the continent, built a freaking prison into the basement of his ridiculously pretentious mansion home. That’s how much of a bastard he is. No, wait, it gets better.

He believes that to kill a Lightbearer is to inherit her magic. Yep. My kind can shift from human form into pretty much any warm-blooded animal form that exists, so therefore we are part of the magical community. But that is the only magic we possess, and that just isn’t good enough for my psycho old man. (Are you sensing a theme here? I really hate the guy. With good reason, I promise.) Quentin Lyons wants the combined magic of shifters and Lightbearers, like that’s going to make him all powerful or some shit. Make him a god, I guess. The man’s seriously fucked up in the head.

LightBeyondDarkness_CoverAs I am his only legitimate offspring, that means I probably am – or will be, eventually – fucked up as well. Which means the last thing in this world I should be doing is rescuing some hapless Lightbearer and helping her get back to her secret, warded home, where all the rest of the Lightbearers live in blissful safety. Because you know what’s going to happen if Olivia and I spend too much time together, right?

I am in so much freaking trouble.


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