New Year, New Blog, New Release(s)

Happy New Year and all that jazz. It’s time to… do exactly what I did in 2015. Write books. Edit books. Get all excited every time I release a new one. Get even more excited when readers post reviews or send me emails or tag me on social media, letting me know how much they loved the last book they read. Hope they feel the same about the next one.

Same old, same old.

Okay, not really. Did that read like it’s mundane? Because it isn’t. I live and breathe for this stuff. Seriously. Every single time another book is made available for the public, I am as thrilled as if it’s the first time. Every. Single. Time. (And no, I’m not comparing that to sex, because true confession: my first time wasn’t all that. It definitely got better with practice. Of course, so do my books, so maybe there are similarities…)

So what’s in store for 2016? Let’s see…

Beautiful Woman Posing With a Wolf Outdoors

I released a new book on December 27th. I know that was 2015, but it was pretty damn close, so I’m counting it. That book, First Light, is the prequel to the Lightbearer series. Last summer, I got the idea in my head to write a prequel, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Then, when I finally decided to write it, I couldn’t decide whether to keep it in current times (the rest of the series is based in contemporary time) or write it way back when, you know, 500 years ago, because that’s when, according to the other books in the series, the Lightbearers went into hiding to escape those pesky shapeshifters who wanted to steal their magic.

Yeah, I don’t know why I even had a mental discussion about it, either. It was a pretty obvious choice. Although, truth be told, writing a book based in Mesoamerica in 1512, was a bit more daunting than writing one based in 2015 and located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, a place I’ve visited many, many times throughout my life. I’ve never been to present day Mexico, let alone 1512.

Thank God for the inter-webs, because I didn’t have the time or ability to head back in time, nor to take a quick trip to present-day Mexico, although that honestly would have been pretty cool. I wonder if I could have written off the trip on my taxes?

Anyway, I hope I did a reasonable job of portraying the life of magical creatures from back then. Luckily, I selected an area that was deliberately void of humans at the time (according to Google and Wikipedia, anyway). Lightbearers, you see, aren’t keen on human contact. Makes them fidgety. Magical creatures don’t like humans finding out about their, uh, sixth sense.

Which, frankly, was a nice lead in to my official first release of 2016: Change in the Light, number four in the Lightbearer series. This one released – Today! Yay! Happy Release Day!

changeinthelightBack to the lead in. Change in the Light takes place in Detroit, Michigan and focuses on the pack master of the Detroit shifter pack, Josh Tigre. (If you’ve read the other books in the series, you’ve met Josh a few times. He’s pretty hot. And single. And is a cool guy who’s just trying to figure out this pack master gig without screwing things up too, too badly.)

Josh meets a human woman, Rachel Whitaker, and they end up hooking up, because, well, she’s hot. Oh, and she’s being forced to seduce him in order to, you know, continue living. Only she doesn’t know he’s not human, and he doesn’t know she’s using him. Recipe for disaster, right? No! It’s a recipe for a hell of an awesome shapeshifter romance, that’s what it is. Check it out for yourself and let me know, ‘kay? BUY CHANGE IN THE LIGHT

Speaking of Change in the Light, there’s a Facebook party happening today, in honor of this great book, if you want to check it out, too. Lots of author takeovers, cool prizes, and general virtual fun will be had. Here’s the link, so you can join us: PARTY

Change in the Light FB Party Banner

Oh yeah, and I should mention, First Light is only 99 cents this week, in honor of the release of Change in the Light. Cheap, easy way to give the series a try. It’s available on pretty much every ebook retailer, but here’s the Amazon link, since that’s the one most people seem to like: BUY FIRST LIGHT

AND, there’s a blog tour and contest going on, in honor of the release of these two books. Head on over here, if you want to check out the blog tour details: Book Enthusiast Promotions (http://bookenthusiastpromotions.com ), and click here if you want to enter to win a cool prize ➜ ➜  http://bit.ly/1R5rgJV

Damn, that’s a lot going on, and it’s only the first week of the year. I’m not sure I can best that. I’m not sure I want to. Scratch that; I know damn well I don’t want to. This stuff is exhausting. I just wanna write another book. Speaking of, my next two releases were written last year, but guess what? I get to count them as new in 2016, too. Why? Because now they are part of box sets, and aside from free books, readers can’t find a better deal than box sets. Box sets are different from anthologies in that every book included is a full length novel. That’s write. No, right. That’s right. And I’m in two of them, and they both release this month.


Appetite For Love_Crimson CoverFirst one’s for the foodie romance fans out there. Appetite for Love is a set of seven full-length romance novels all surrounding food. And love. My book, Delicious Deception, is included in this set, which releases on Monday, January 11. (That’s next week, folks.) Oh, and it’s only 99 cents. Not just Delicious Deception, but all seven. 99 cents for all seven books. Yeah, I’ll wait while you pre-order it. PRE-ORDER APPETITE FOR LOVE

Actually, did you notice it was only 72 cents?? Guess 99 wasn’t low enough for Amazon.


Boys in Blue Cover_UpdatedHang on, the month is only half over by this point. You know there’s more. Yep. Another box set. This one releases on January 25 and has ten full-length novels in it, and Amazon has it available for only 72 cents, too! It’s called The Boys in Blue, and hang on, here’s the link: PRE-ORDER THE BOYS IN BLUE

My book, Undercover Heat, which (true confession) is possibly one of the faves of all I’ve written, is included in the above box set. Why is it one of my faves? Well, I love the hero and heroine. I love the hero because he’s so incredibly broken at the beginning that many readers start out disliking him, but he grows so phenomenally throughout the book, that he will be your book boyfriend by the end. It can be hard to make a broken man likable by the end of the book, and I think my editor and I did a rather impressive job with Quinn. I also love Kyra, the heroine, because she isn’t broken. She’s cool and tough and a bit of a bad ass, and she actually had a nice, normal upbringing. Sure, she was burned in love in her past, but that hasn’t erased her hopes for a happily ever after. She just never expected it to happen with Quinn, that’s all.

Okay, this has turned into a long blog post, and I’ve only made it to the end of January. Yikes. I suppose I should end here, and save the rest for the next time. Wait, hang on. My birthday is in January. The 23rd. Since I like to pretend I’m not getting older, I like to give gifts to other people for my birthday. If you want in on the action, sign up for my newsletter: NEWSLETTER SIGNUP

All right, I think I’m done. For now. There will be more, rest assured. In the meantime, if you have a question, comment, or just want to wish me an early Happy Birthday, drop a comment below. And head over to my Facebook release day party. And if you’ve read one of my books, let me know via a review. Because yeah, they never get old. Unlike me. But that’s a whole other blog post.


PS – If you’re one of those people who likes to hang out and get to know your fave authors, you should hang out in my Facebook group, COME WINE WITH TAMI. It’s fun, and yes, we talk about wine. A lot. But we also talk about books, and lots of other random stuff that for some reason we all find interesting. Head on over. I’m doing a Q&A session on January 11th, and once a month, there’s another author chat, with other authors from the group.

Come Wine With Tami Lund-2


Okay, now I’m done. Really. I swear. I need to get to writing that next book, anyway…




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