Hot, Sexy, FREE Shapeshifters! Where? Here!


Happy Wolf Pack Freebie Fest! Yep, a bunch o’ shapeshifter romances – all yours. All free. Oh, and there’s a giveaway, too! Grab the books and enter the contest. And don’t ever say I never gave you nothin’!

In 1512 the conflict between the Lightbearers and their mortal enemy, the shapeshifters, comes to a breaking point. The Lightbearers are in hiding in Mesoamerica, protecting their lives and their magic. Everything changes when one Lightbearer, Sabine Flemming, conjures her first magical sword and both the King and a shapeshifter take notice.

Thirteen Zodiac animals entered the Great Race. Only twelve became Chosen…

After failing the test to join the Lotus League, Wen Pierce will do anything to prove herself worthy. Even if it means being demoted to a maid in the house of one of the Eight Immortals—Li Tieguai. But this seductive yet surly immortal wants only one thing—her surrender to his rigid control. On his remote, magical island she’ll fade into the background of his tortured existence. Unless she can convince him she can steal anything…including the one thing he believes he’s lost forever.

Trapped in her own body, she-dragon, Stella Montrose has no choice but to find her mate. Whether he likes it or not, he either has to claim her, or set her free, otherwise she’ll lose the ability to shift. Sounds simple, only, every time she gets near him, he disappears.

When Brycen Conners signs on to protect an annoying human woman, he never imagined he’d cross paths with his mate. Once the job is done, he’ll do whatever it takes to win her heart. Until then, he has to stay away.

Before there was Mason, Hank, Sean, and Belle Foye, there was Floyd. 

In this Desert Guards prequel story, learn how the future alpha Were-cougar Floyd nabs gutsy neighbor Glenda Baxter as his mate. 

Life as Carmela knows it will be forever changed when she meets not one but two men who pull at her heart’s strings.

It’s just a regular day in the park. Not. 

Daisy is in the fight for her life after she stumbles upon a grizzly crime scene. She’s chased through the woods, encountering even more danger. Geez… can her day get any better? 

Chad finds Daisy in a precariously troublesome situation and immediately goes into alpha (bear that is) mode.

While stranded in the woods over night, the two must fight their attraction, the elements, and the crazy psychopath after them. If they get out of this alive, will Daisy accept his bear?

When the sexiest man she has ever seen walks into the bar where she works, Marilyn stays clear of him, ignoring his advances. But when he takes the hint and leaves her alone, she finds herself missing him. Marilyn finds she doesn’t care about the danger she senses around him; she wants to know the feeling of love again. Her only problem now is whether Showken is really ready for her.



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