Five More Days…And A Mafia Romance Teaser

So I wrote this book. Two of them, actually. They are part of a two-book series called Detroit Mafia Romance. The first one releases in FIVE DAYS!

Since I know you’re as excited as I am about the release of this book, how about a little teaser? And since it’s five days ’til release day, how about I pick a tidbit from chapter five? Seems appropriate, doesn’t it?

TRAPPED BY THE MAFIA – teaser from Chapter Five:

Yeah, yeah, this was a first. Normally, he was a wham! bam! thank you, ma’am kind of guy, preferring short, steamy encounters to actual relationships. But Gino had never before asked him to do this sort of intel, either, so the entire scenario was one big, fucking miserable first experience for him.

Phoebe would never, ever speak to him again if she knew he was getting close in order to ensure she didn’t have any dirt that might give the cops a reason to toss Gino into a jail cell. And there was also the overriding reality of Antonio’s life. He was Gino’s moneyman, and this job had no retirement date.

“So you haven’t fucked her,” Gino said. “Which means you probably haven’t gotten any information, either.”

“Nope.” Maybe Gino would pull him from this assignment. Just as long as he didn’t put one of his other guys on it. “Pretty sure she legit doesn’t know anything.”

“Maybe she and Proctor will hook up and distract him from hounding my ass. Christ, the guy couldn’t shut up about the hot jogger with the amazing tits. Like I fucking care.”

“You don’t care about amazing tits?” Antonio asked, even as he felt his blood pressure rise at the idea of Joe Proctor getting anywhere close to Phoebe. He tipped his mug to his lips and drained it.

“No, I don’t give a shit about tits. All I care about is if that jogger is going to stop talking to the cops, stop insinuating that I kidnapped my own daughter.”

“But you did.”

“She’s my daughter. It’s not kidnapping.”

Antonio begged to differ.

Trapped by the Mob Cover

Grab it now, so it’s on your Kindle the moment it releases! Oh, and yes, it will be in KU too! TRAPPED BY THE MOB

Happy reading!

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