Like PNR Books? You’re Gonna Love This Post!

Let’s see if this works. So, there are a bunch of authors who all got together and decided to discount some books for the first time in a really long time–and in some cases, ever! One of the authors compiled all of our books into one, pretty blog post, and then we all tried to share over on Facebook…and Facebook won’t let us share the link. They think it’s spam or some craziness.

So don’t tell Facebook (seriously, don’t), but….the link is below. Because I know you wanna read these books. And I don’t think FB should dictate what you can and can’t see. Or read. Especially read.

Thanks in advance for checking out these books – these authors worked really hard and spent a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (okay, maybe no blood, but certainly sweat and tears and stress and wine and…) to bring you these books, and I really want them (and me) to be able to share with YOU.

So here it is. Tell your friends! (But not on Facebook, apparently, or if you do, don’t use the below link directly.)


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