Meet Issac from Dark Moon Falls!

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Author: Rosalie Redd

Title of Book: Dark Moon Falls II

Character Name: Issac Kincaid

Is this the hero/heroine/antagonist?  Hero

Q: Intro the book.

Love Wolf Shifters?

How about 15 of them?

High in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the sleepy town of Dark Moon Falls has secrets …You’ll want to get your paws on this collection of sizzling, brand new stories in which hot wolf shifters hunt for their one true mate and witches brew up their own trouble.

Menace lurks around every corner in this town … and steamy romance is in the air. Danger, intrigue, and peril abound in this paranormal romance that will set your heart aflutter and keep you glued to the pages into the wee hours of the night. Welcome to Dark Moon Falls…


Q: Tell us about yourself. Do you consider yourself your author’s muse or bane of her existence?

Oh, honey, I’m all about the muse. Behind my outwardly shy nature, there’s a beast inside, ready and waiting for the right gal to come along.


Q: What do you think readers will like best about you? Worst?

I’d do anything for my gal, cherish her, protect her, love her, if she’d just give me the chance. Like everyone else, readers will need to look beyond my shy side to discover the real male hidden inside.


Q: Let’s get serious for a few moments… Favorite beverage?

Coffee, straight up and as dark as all get out.


Q: Vegetarian or red meat?

You know I’m a wolf shifter, right? Pile on the meat.


Q: Sleep in pajamas or in the nude?

Pajamas? What is that? Nude all the way, baby.


Q: Lights on or lights out?

On, the better to see you…


Q: In the beginning of the book, do you have a mate/spouse? If so, tell us about him/her. If not, is there someone you have your eye on? Or who has their eye on you?

I don’t have a mate, not yet anyway, but from the moment Chloe’s car breaks down, and I arrive to rescue her and her car, there’s no doubt in my wolf’s mind that she’s the one for me.


Q: Favorite place to seduce your partner?

I have a private, secluded cabin in the woods. No distractions.


Q: What do you wish the heroine understood about you?

That I’d give my life for her, if that’s what it took to keep her safe.


Q: If you could rewrite one scene in the book, what would it be? How would you rewrite?

Since I’m in control of my author’s muse, I wrote the book the way I wanted it.


Q: Has your author ever put you into an embarrassing situation? How did you handle it?

Once, and that was enough. Let’s just say I gave the heroine a kiss she’ll never forget.


Q: Is there anything specific in this book of which you are particularly proud?

I restored an old Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, a classic, and one Chloe enjoys riding every chance she gets.


Q: Would you like to add anything else?

My story is just one of fifteen hot and steamy wolf shifter books in the Dark Moon Falls II anthology. Come on along and meet my friends…


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Dark Moon Falls 2 cover


Dark Moon Falls II (this is where you can read Issac’s story!)

Apple Books: https://books.apple.com/us/book/id1488788596

Nook: http://bit.ly/DarkMoonFalls2-nook

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2DTIZSJ

Thanks so much for joining us, Issac! I’m loving these interviews with the characters from Dark Moon Falls — are you?


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