Guardian Angels Do Exist

Amidst all the horror and despair and misery in the world (not to mention my own personal trauma), let's take a moment to appreciate real life Guardian Angels... Tami Lund Talks (Real) Guardian Angels  

What’s The Right Answer?

“How many kids do you have?” This is the latest dilemma my husband and I have had to figure out. What’s the right answer? “One here, one in heaven.” “Two.” “One.” What the hell do we say? That first choice up there would obviously spur a litany of questions none of us wants to deal... Continue Reading →

Intro-Extrovert… I’m So Damn Confused

I just want a minute to myself… Okay, not really. For those of you who don’t know, my life inexplicably changed about six weeks ago, when my thirteen-year-old son died. Yeah, it sucked. It still does. Not that I’ve had time to wallow in that fact. Save for those precious moments in the bathroom and... Continue Reading →

Why Shapeshifters?

Here’s a question: why shifters? I now have two series centered around shifters – the Twisted Fate Series (Of Love and Darkness was released in June, 2015, and Prim and Proper Fate will be released in 2016, followed by the final book in the series, in 2017) and the Lightbearer Series. Twisted Fate is entirely about... Continue Reading →

Blogging About Favorite Shifters

I haven't been blogging regularly lately, at least not here, on my own blog. Mostly that's because I'm blogging in other places. Once a month (usually on a Friday) you can find me over at the Writing Wenches website. Every two or three months on a Wednesday, you can read my words on the Soul... Continue Reading →

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