Interview with Cade, the HOT Alpha from A Shift in the Water

Today on my blog, I have the pleasure of interviewing – and looking at – Cade Bowman, the (*fans self*) super hot pack leader from Patricia Eddy’s newest book, A Shift in the Water. Here, let me show you who I’m interviewing:


Yeah, that’s Cade. And this is me, stuttering over my sentences as I try to come across as a calm, cool, collected interviewer. It doesn’t help that he’s a genuinely nice guy, too. I hope Mara knows how lucky she could be. Anyway, let’s get to the interview, shall we?

Tami’s Thoughts: Cade, thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.

Cade Bowman: *Smiles adorably.*

TT: Tell us about yourself. Do you consider yourself your author’s muse or the bane of her existence?

CB: I really don’t like all of the attention that being Patricia’s hero in A Shift in the Water has generated. I’m a private person. Before the events in the book, all I wanted to do was lead my pack, make children’s toys and furniture (I’m a woodworker), and keep to myself. Unfortunately, when you spend seven months trapped as a wolf and then meet your mate, life gets…complicated.

TT (thinking in my head, “Mate? Mate? What?” But somehow I manage to keep the interview on track, barely): What do you think readers like best about you?

CB: Well, I’ve been told I’m nice to look at. Don’t laugh. I’m repeating what readers have said, nothing more. Seriously, though, I’m an alpha. I’m protective by nature. This gets me in trouble from time to time because though I trust my pack and my mate implicitly, I want to keep them safe and I’m not afraid to be a bit of an ass to keep them that way. I think that’s the best and worst of me.

TT: I can’t imagine you ever being an ass. (*Giggling like a schoolgirl.*) Anyway, you mentioned a mate. Tell us about her.

CB: I never wanted to be mated. Never thought I would be. But the first time I saw Mara, I knew. It’s not her beauty, though she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. It’s her. Her strength. She was dying–or thought she was–and she handled it with grace and dignity. And when she realized she wasn’t dying, but that she was an elemental…yeah, she was scared, but deep down, I think she knew. Seeing her accept who she was and who I was…that was sexy as hell.

TT: (*Wishing I was Mara*): Let’s have some naughty fun. (How can I resist when I’m interviewing someone like Cade?) What’s your favorite place to seduce Mara?

CB: Anywhere. Really. We’re newly mated. The call is so strong, especially for an alpha, that lately I seem to be doing a lot of seducing. In the shower, in the kitchen, in the bedroom. If the weather was nicer right now, we’d be outside under the stars naked every night.


TT: (At this point, I’ve completely lost my train of thought. All I can do is envision Cade, naked under the stars. He literally has to snap his fingers in front of my face for me to bring the world back into focus.)

TT: Sorry. Right. So anyway… What do you wish your mate understood about you?

CB: I wish Mara could understand how much I hated my wolf after being trapped inside him for so long. It was really hard for me to lose half of my identity. First the human side and then the wolf side. We’re one. Each part–wolf and man–exist as part of the whole. When you can’t stand to even think about part of you, it changes you. There were moments it was hard to even breathe, to think, to put one foot in front of the other. It took a long time for her to understand that part of me.

TT: *Sigh* Let’s see … next question … If you could rewrite one scene in the book, which would it be? How would you rewrite it?

CB: Well, can I rewrite the part where Katerina tortured me for seven months? No? I’d like to get rid of that part.

I wish I’d listened to Bill earlier, taken him more seriously. Because at least then, maybe Livie wouldn’t have been injured. Or Peter. Maybe Bill would still be alive. Maybe I wouldn’t spend every night reliving the fire or the starvation or the fear.

I don’t believe in regrets because you can’t change the past. It happened and for better or worse, it made me who I am today. And though I wish almost everything from May until November had changed, the end result was that I found my mate. I wouldn’t give her up for anything.

TT: I’ve read the book, so I completely understand where you are coming from right now. Okay, how about embarrassing situations? Has your author ever put you into an embarrassing situation, and if so, how did you handle it?

CB: Waking up naked in my mate’s bed, unable to speak was pretty embarrassing. So was meeting her friend Jen, wearing nothing but Mara’s purple bathrobe. I wanted Mara. I’m pretty sure I was hard and that bathrobe did not fit well. Luckily Mara stood in front of me. Otherwise that could have ended…very poorly.  

TT: Yeah, I have a visual of that too. Anyway, is there anything in this book of which you are particularly proud?

CB: I’m proud of Mara. She’s so strong. Fearless really. She faced down my entire pack, gained their respect with what she did for me. She didn’t back down when I told her that I was falling for her. She’s amazing. And what she did at the end…well…readers will need to buy the book to find out what happened, but it was life-changing. For everyone.

TT: *More sighing.* Is this guy a heartbreaker or what? Okay, Cade, we’re almost done torturing you. Sorry, bad choice of words. Would you like to add anything else?

CB: If you’re reading this interview, you know that Mara and I mate. That I love her. I hope that knowledge won’t stop you from reading the book. The first chapter is available for sampling on Amazon. I lived through the book, though there were times I didn’t think I would. And I hope that if you like the book, you’ll leave a review. It’s the best way to make sure that Patricia writes the next book in the series. Liam deserves to have his story told.

TT: Just to add to what Cade said, I read his book, and yeah, it’s good. Plus, I really want to read Liam’s story. Okay, Cade, thank you so much for taking the time today. I know this is not your forte, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you sitting here and letting me look at you – er – interview you about your role in A Shift in the Water. As for you, fair blog reader, if you enjoyed this interview, you’ll really enjoy Patricia’s book. And if you enjoy her books, you’ll surely want to stalk her on social media.

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A Shift in the Water can be found at Amazon.com and Patricia’s on social media at:




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