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Have you met this Hottie? – Introducing Zak Markel from Remnants (Ghosts of Roseville Book 2) by Betty Bolte

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With the admin stuff out of the way, let me scoot a little bit closer to Zak.

Q: Tell us about yourself. Do you consider yourself your author’s muse or bane of her existence?

Zak: That’s easy! My author loves me, so I’d have to say her muse. She can’t help but feature me in the best light possible.

Q: What do you think readers like best about you? Worst?

Zak: The best thing is that I can sing, and can’t wait to serenade Paulette. The worst is probably that I couldn’t find a cure for my brother’s tumors that threatened his eyesight.

Q: Oh, I’m so sorry about your brother. But let’s try to keep this upbeat, so let’s have a little naughty fun. Favorite place to seduce your partner?

Zak: I’m planning a surprise romantic picnic with Paulette for our one month anniversary. I want to share with her a remote wooded site we’ll have to hike to, where it will be private and romantic.

Q: What do you wish Paulette understood about you?

Zak: She just refuses to believe I can be sincere in my adoration of her. I wish she would be more willing to let me shower her with my affection.

Q: You see a dangerous situation unfold—Do you call the authorities, or handle the situation yourself?

Zak: I can handle myself and take care of the situation, no problem. Just because I’m a professor of chemistry doesn’t make me a wimp!


 It was a pleasure spending some time alone with Zak, but now he must depart. If you’re curious, Finn from my book Dawning of Light is being interviewed over here. There’s an ebook you can win there as well!

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Betty Bolte_CoverBook Title: Remnants

What it’s about:

Paulette O’Connell accidentally summons her grandfather’s ghost, and he won’t leave until she discovers why she needs him. Zak Markel’s sole mission is to save his brother’s eyesight, but he gets side-tracked by Paulette. Maybe together, they’ll find just what they need … and more.

Want to buy it?

LSBooks: http://bit.ly/1wBfH1k

Amazon: Paperback: http://amzn.to/1stOLdG

Kindle: http://amzn.to/1wF1Oxd

Barnes and Noble: Paperback: http://bit.ly/1tAjdYI Nook: http://bit.ly/ZTtCTn

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1rKIqeN


Here’s a little more detail about the author:

betty-bolte-july-2013Betty Bolté writes both historical and contemporary stories that feature strong, loving women and brave, compassionate men. No matter whether the stories are set in the past or the present, she loves to include a touch of the paranormal. Get to know her at www.bettybolte.com.

Website/Social Media Links:

Website: www.bettybolte.com

Blog: www.bettybolte.com/blog.htm

Newsletter: www.bettybolte.com/newsletter.htm

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorBettyBolte

Twitter: @BettyBolte

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/bettybolte

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/bettybolte9

Amazon: www.amazon.com/author/bettybolte


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